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Welcome to ASAP Medical Systems, Inc.

Medical Billing Software

ASAP Medical Systems, Inc. is in the final stages of developing ASAPOnline, an Integrated Practice Management medical billing software application, built for the future with Microsoft™ Dot Net technology. This website is a prelude to a new on-line practice management system that is to be released as the HIPAA regulations finalize.  It is important to note that our new system is a highly sophisticated full practice management system.

Our competitors generally provide medical billing software applications to single practice providers, clinics or hospitals, but do not offer products and services to all. In contrast, ASAPOnline is scalable for use in all multi-location: hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and for single practice providers and billing services.

For compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulated entities must securely create, maintain, transmit and store health information, which includes users interacting with information about a patient, to information systems communicating information to each other, to applications accessing information. ASAPOnline has been designed from the ground up with Dot Net technology to satisfy the privacy, security and transmission requirements mandated by HIPAA.

ASAPOnline will be used for the input, collection, processing, integration and reporting of medical information used in all types of common forms, charts, tests, procedures, reports, accounts and transactions; which will be accessible from anywhere and any computer regardless of the operating system, through a secure user login. ASAPOnline is not the transfer and storage of encrypted medical information, but a framework for information to be generated in, and maintained within the digital domain.

ASAPOnline provides real-time information, and customizable reporting that can be narrowed down or broadened to include multiple search criteria for multiple locations. For example, an administrator could create a combined report that includes single or multiple locations by department, diagnosis, or other search criteria to determine profitability, trends and other factors.

ASAPOnline will streamline administration, improve speed and efficiency, fight fraud, increase accuracy and reduce claim rejections, improve patient care, and reduce the time it takes for reimbursement of services rendered. The patient clipboard registration will be replaced with secure on-line registration of personal information including medical history. In the case of an accident or disaster, patient identity can be established through a picture or thumbprint to access patient records; and physicians may collaborate and develop cutting edge patient treatment plans.

ASAP Medical Systems, Inc. clearly has a competitive advantage by offering the features that the new Microsoft .NET technology offers compared to the old technology in the market place today.

Our mission statement:

To revolutionize the medical industry through implementation of standardization that increases efficiency and accuracy, by developing a highly sophisticated Dot Net On-line secure application that creates a universal platform for medical providers and insurance companies.

Our Goals:

To provide a solution to enable Medical Providers to focus more on treating patients. ASAP Medical Systems, Inc. wants to simplify paperwork and healthcare administration, and decrease the time it takes for Medical Providers to get paid.

Our solution for the medical industry is to develop ASAPOnline with the necessary features to solve medical providers’ HIPAA compliance issues and provide the industry standard for the creation, maintenance and access of medical information, to achieve administrative cost reduction, which represents the “next frontier” of health care cost containment.

ASAPOnline will be the solution that the medical industry needs to force insurance companies to comply with new regulations, and pay claims in a timely manner.

James R Wasko

Our most important assets:

Our most important assets have always been our long-term relationships with existing customers. We have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years, which cannot be purchased. We understand what the Medical Industry needs to process medical claims and will provide services as a solution to get Healthcare Providers paid. Our new software and services will be "by the Doctor - for the Doctor"

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